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Multiple book discounts?
We occasionally hear from people who want to know if we give a discount for buying more than one books. We don't. Why? Because we don't want to encourage people to buy books they don't really need, just to save a few dollars. We much prefer that customers buy just the books they really want, read them, and come back later if they want the others. You do (at least on US orders) save on postage when you buy more than 2 books.

We do give the usual discounts to diveshops and instructors who want to buy multiple copies of our books for resale or course use. This can be a very good propostion (for shops and instructors that aren't afraid of a well-informed clientele!) since very few shops stock them, giving those that do a unique and very saleable item. Qualified parties should Contact us for more information.

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1/5/08 The PM128A used in the OXYHACKER O2 ANALYZER has been changed again, but only slightly See Updates page for the very minimal changes that must be done in order to use it. We are now stocking the panel meter called for in the book, to make it easier for our customers to get the right one on the first try, since there are a lot of bogus PM-128As on the market - see the Oxy Analyzer page for details

12/11/07 Added warnings about valve seat erosion/charring/combustion in standard scuba valves used with high FO2s to the OXYHACKER

23/12/07 Added Li-Ion coverage to the DIVELIGHT COMPANION

8/6/07 Increased LED coverage in the DIVELIGHT COMPANION.

8/6/07 Added ACD and DVT automatic closure/dry valve info to REGULATOR book

10/20/05 Added contact info for Salvo Diving and more updated divelight cord info in Updates


Updated Cord and Waterproof Cable Gland info, and added information about the new lower cost Chinese Brightstar HID bulbs and ballasts to the Divelight Companion Updates section.

Added information on O2 cleaning Haskel Booters to the booster book Updates section.

5/24/04 There's a new reflector/housing for testtube lights from Germany, the EKPP reflector, designed by German caver extraordinaire Reinhard Buchaly, that seems to be a major improvement on earlier designs. Full info on Updates page.

1/9/04 Updated Welch Allyn 10W HID info on Updates page.

11/22/03 Added a Nicad/NiMH version of our air travel battery regulations label.

Added warning to Updates regarding polarity of Euro cords with blue/brown conductors, as used on some HID lightheads (US divelight manufacturers can't seem to agree on which color should be + and which - , making it very easy to blow up your HID!).
Edited Japan 21W info as it seems to be no longer available (however several new bulbs and ballasts are now available from Brightstar in China).

Added pressure pot blow up story to Gallery section.

Added Japan 21W HID and ATX "Microadjuster" info to Updates page.

Added "instant" Mag-Lite based 10W HID lighthead in the Gallery section.

English SCUBA tech Brian Cooper has been measuring and cross referencing O-rings, and has put together an exhaustive SCUBA O-ring database giving the generic O-ring sizes for most popular regs. He's given us permission to post it.

Added infor
mation on scratchbuilding smart NiHM chargers and where to find Pirelli cord to the Updates page.

We were bemoaning the fact that in the old days everyone made their own p-valves for <$5 using hardware store fittings, but as soon as the biggies started selling $80 ones all the plans for homemaking them vanished from the net. We've decided to remedy that by posting DIY plans for building one, from our upcoming book on divesuit repair and modification.

Added info on making cheap and easy video light diffusers and a new $2 reflector housing for a test tube lighthead made of PVC plumbing fittings to the Updates page.

Added some info on the new focusable 10W HIDs from Halcyon and Sartek, locking canister latches, and on the new Oxycheq Expedition Helium Analyzer to the Updates page.

Added some NiHM battery charger info, and directions on how to convert a Euro Apeks TX 2nd stage to the higher-performing US specs to the Updates page.

The first major update of SCUBA REGULATOR MAINTENANCE AND REPAIR adds schematics and/or condensed service notes for Atomic, the new Zeagles, Genesis DAD, Poseidon Xstream, DiveRite and Abyss regulators. We will be posting much of this material in the UPDATES section soon as we can get around to it.

Two recent diving incidents, one a fatality and the other a near-fatality, emphasize the importance of analyzing ALL your gas once you start mixing.

In one a diver taking a intro trimix course primed his tank with 02, then added more O2 instead of helium (the accident happened in Croatia, where they apparently use the same valve for both O2 and inert gas), so that instead of 30/30 trimix he ended up with a 50% nitrox. He then compounded the error by failing to analyze the tank, and the instructor did not catch the error. The diver went into convulsions at 36M, but the instructor managed to get him up alive.

In the other, a diver perished when he attempted to deco on a 40 cf bottle marked MOD 20 (100% O2) that actually (for some unknown reason) contained 100% helium.

In the first, the diver simply screwed up, and then ignored one of the most basic rules of gas mixing. If he'd followed the rules he'd still be alive. The second is scarier - many of us, while scrupulous about analyzing mixes, don't routinely analyze what we think of as non-mixes - like straight air, or 100% O2.

Added Updates on brass Parker ST-series QR fittings, surplus boosters (including amplifiers and nitrogen boosters), Hydraulics International Haskel clones.

NiMH batteries are becoming more affordable, and available in larger sizes, so we've added some info about them, the new commercial NiMH canisters, and a Mag-Lite based "instant" MR-16 Lighthead which requires only minimal machining.

Oxycheq got started out selling kits to build an analyzer based on the plans in the original OXY HACKER, and has since become the diver's best source of O2 sensors for rebreathers and commercial analyzers as well. Airspeed Press and Oxycheq have had a close relationship all along, since many of our readers end up buying a kit or a sensor from him, and most of his customers end up buying an OXY HACKER from us if they don't have one already.

Now they've come out with a non-kit, fully assembled analyzer, the Expedition. It's a very compact, rugged and splashproof analyzer which combines the best features of most of the other analyzers on the market. Even better, it uses easy-to-replace, standard model, top-of-the-line Teledyne sensors instead of the oddball, proprietary or non-replaceable sensors many other commercial analyzers use, and it samples direct from the tank so no expensive sampling extras are needed.

Much as we at Airspeed like the notion of everybody building their own analyzers, we know that some of our readers don't want to, and, for them, the Expedition, at about $280, is clearly the best buy of all the analyzers currently on the market.

However, we've got an even better deal with you! Because of our longtime relationship, Oxycheq is offering a 20% discount to anyone who has bought any of our books which makes it not only the best, but pretty near also the cheapest! To claim the discount, simply contact Oxycheq and give them the title and version number of your book (If you can't find the version number, Email us and we'll help you).

SLA batteries used in canister divelights are black, heavy and festooned with wires. That can make taking them on airplanes difficult, especially now that the airlines will be inspecting checked-in baggage as well as carry-on. However under ATA and FAA regs they are legal! There's a sticker in the DIVELIGHT COMPANION that lists the appropriate regs, that can be stuck on the battery itself, and we've posted an downloadable image of it which can be printed out and stuck on the battery.

We have added a short 4 page video light chapter to the DIVELIGHT COMPANION which gives some additional information on adapting the lights in the book for video use, video reflector part sources, plans for making cheap but effective Loc-Line (flexible ball and socket coolant line) light arms, and some info on making videocam housings using the same methods as for a canister.

If you've got an older copy of the book, you can download the new chapter in printable .pdf form (1.8 MB) Heck, you can even if you don't!

We have just released the new updated 4th Edition of Vance Harlow's OXYGEN HACKER'S COMPANION. The new edition has had a complete facelift, to add photographs and professional design, and bring it in line with our more recent books, as well as numerous additions and updates throughout the text.

There's also been a price increase - to $35, but the new book is 33% longer than the old one, so the cost-per-page has actually dropped!

We've added a Gallery, of miscellaneous photos and information that there wasn't room for in the books, or that we thought might be of interest to those of you without the books. It's fairly small now but we will be adding to it in the future.

We highly recommend that anyone who owns any of our books visit the Updates section of this website from time to time, especially before building anything or spending large amounts of money on anything discussed in the books, to see if there are any changes, corrections or updates!

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