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Several credit-cardless overseas customers have commented that getting a US funds money order is a nuisance, and that the money order costs so much as to almost double the price of the book for them.
There's an easy way to get around this if you don't have a credit card - send cash. US dollars are available in most larger banks around the world, and can usually be exchanged for local currency without exhorbitant service charges. Sending cash does involve a bit more risk, but so far we haven't had a single problem so the odds seem to be well in your favor.

If you are sending cash and would like us to acknowlege receipt by Email, please say so on your order, and include your Email address with the order, since we sometimes have a hard time connecting Emails received several weeks earlier with a current order. Also be warned that we've found the acknowledgements to oversea Email addresses often bounce or are unaccountably delayed, do if you do not receive an acknowledgement let us know.

Since Airspeed Press has no control over what happens to an order once a book is in the mail, and because the reliability of local postal delivery varies a great deal from country to country, Airspeed Press can take no responsibility for an overseas shipment once it is delivered to the post office here, and will not be liable for damage or loss in transit.

Having said that, we should add that we do not want to disappoint anyone, and that what few problems we have had with overseas orders in the past we have usually been able to resolve in a fairly painless manner, but for obvious reasons we take no legal responsiblity for doing so.

As credit card fraud becomes more common, some banks are automatically blocking charges from overseas, or from certain suspect countries. When this happens, the charge is rejected, and we cannot ship the book until we get in touch with you and you authorize the bank to accept the charge. If you are not sure whether or not your bank is doing this, giving them a call before using your credit card overseas, to preauthorize the charge, can save time and trouble later.

BTW, this can be a real problem if you go on a trip, since you can find yourself in a foreign country with your card suddenly dead, and no way to remedy it except by an overseas phone call, which in some locations can be very difficult or expensive. You may be asked by the bank to produce passwords or other authenticating information to prove who you are, which you may not have with you!

We give up. We tried our best to charge Canadians the same for shipping as we charge for the US, mindful that most of you are only a truckride away across the border, but it isn't working. Regular parcel mail to Canada is for some reason dreadfully slow - 3 weeks is not uncommon! - and we keep getting irritable Emails from Canadians who want to know where their books are. So from now on, all Canadian orders go Priority International airmail. Trust us, it's worth the extra.

We have been using US Postal Service Priority International flat rate envelopes whenever possible, We have found them (reasonably) fast, (reasonably) reliable, and the best bargain as to cost. Also, they are much more likely to slip quickly through customs without being charged duty or causing delay than a box. However, the flat rate envelopes cannot be insured, and do not have tracking numbers. If you live in an area where post office delivery is unreliable, we can ship in a box, at Priority International package rates, for about $45 for 1 or 2 books, or $60 for 3 to 5. This includes a tracking number and $100 free insurance. We can also ship Global Express, for about $37, which is a little faster and also offers the insurance and a tracking number. We try to avoid using UPS as they typically cost $100 or more for 1-2 books, and often involve extra customs brokerage fees. Also, if the package is insured, then the value is marked on it, which makes the package more attractive to thieves and customs agents. And finally, be warned also that collecting insurance can be a long and tedious process - the post office will not even accept a claim until 6 weeks has gone by!


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